Best Fashion Accessory for the Beach

What is the best fashion accessory to wear with your bikini? Does it come from your growing collection of belly button rings or could there be a new player in town. Be sure that you are up to date on the best beach accessory this year.

Here comes the sun – and the season to bare it all on the beach with a sexy belly. This could just be the best season of all for those with a belly piercing as they look at all the belly button rings options to go with that new bikini. But hold on. Before you even hit those dressing rooms with all those scary mirrors and bad lighting, take a good look at that belly that you are going to flaunt at the beach. Is it in the best shape for belly button rings beach fashion?

No matter what type of bikini you choose, the best accessory (besides your belly button rings) is true confidence. Women’s bodies come in all shapes, sizes and colors and men pretty much love them all! Knowing that is the first step to stepping out onto the sand in style.

However, what is really sexy is when that woman knows and loves her own body. When she is comfortable in her own skin then she can even pull off wearing a potato sack with style and confidence.

So where does that confidence come from? Well, that answer is different for each of us. But if for you it means getting your mid drift in top shape then you will be happy to know that you have time and the best tools at hands to make that happen.

You could do hundreds of crunches each day, and that could help build some of those underlying muscles. But more and more nutritional research is revealing that the shape of our belly is determined 80% by what we choose to eat.